Displaying Your Wedding Dress for Photography

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Many wedding photographers will ask you to take a photograph of your wedding dress. This usually
includes them taking the dress to a new spot where your preparations are taking place. A few helpful things to keep in mind for displaying your wedding dress for this photograph are hangers, location, and assistance.

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Often times wedding dresses come on unflattering hangers, however there are many stores on ETSY that offer beautiful handmade wedding hangers. While you don’t need to store your dress on these hangers permanently (the hangers from the bridal shop usually help to prevent the bodice from being crushed in the bag) changing your dress over to one of these decorative hangers makes
for adorable pictures. Not every Etsy shop sells hangers that look the same either. Most can be personalized with your new last name and wedding date. In the end these fun hangers W15 Webster_0087are a simple (and useful!) reminder of your wedding.


While the location you choose to get married in usually provides a bridal suite of sorts take a look around and see if there is anywhere where you would like to have your dress hung up for photos. Many photographers (us included) scout the location prior to the wedding day and make mental and physical notes of where the dress would photograph best. We aren’t mind readers however and we may choose a location that you aren’t comfortable with (whether that is outside or too close to the other parties room for comfort) so having ideas in mind not only insures you receive the photographs you want, it also helps to guarantee that your dress isn’t placed in a predicament you aren’t comfortable with. It helps W15 Webster_0084to note though that your photographer should be asking your permission before taking your dress anywhere on the grounds for a photo, if anything out of courtesy to you.

Which also brings us to our final topic…


Many photographers will bring there own assistant on your wedding day, unless they are already a duo like us, but for piece of mind many brides will send her most trusted bridesmaid along with the photographer to help in handling the dress. In our duo that task us usually left up to Preston because he’s taller than Laura and positioning and re-positioning the dress is commonplace during these photographs. There are some instances however that you’re photographer may need some assistance so assign a bridesmaid as the person to watch the dress. This person can help in hanging, making sure the dress looks perfect, and keeping your best interest at heart. You can let them know of special features on the dress that you would most
like photographed (one bride had a heart made out of her mother’s wedding dress sewn into her dress) so that way you have someone there on your behalf without having to leave the suite.

One final noteIMG_5620

Photographers (us included) will frequently photograph all of the details of the bride’s look at the same time (rings, shoes, garters, other jewelry, ect…) so sending an assistant can also help with these details as

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