We have been photographers longer than we have been the owners of Shutter Monkeys. With a combined experience of over 12 years, we finally decided to take our friendship and passion for photography to the next level. One summer evening while sitting on the porch, we talked endlessly about what we would do with our own photography business. And in that moment, The Shutter Monkeys was born. The name was perfect, describing our lighthearted and fun attitudes while taking photos, so we immediately got to work building the business of our dreams. Six years later, here we are! We have an incredible client base that is both supportive and full of people we now call friends. We have a way of describing our sessions to others…

It’s kind of like just hanging out, but we get awesome photos in the process.

And it couldn’t be more true. We believe that a photography company should be both professional as well as personal. We design each photo session based on our clients’ wants and pride ourselves on delivering the very best in photographic services. We strive to be accessible, reliable, and fun. We don't believe that getting your photo taken should be a chore, so we always try to keep the clients engaged and laughing. Kids love us too, we are like big kids ourselves. So give us a call and we'll make sure you become a friend as well. 

P.S. To all of our past and current clients, thank you for your support. To all of our future clients, we can’t wait to meet you!



Co-Owners Laura Norden and Preston Stevenson have been photographers longer than business owners. Here is a photo of Preston Stevenson taken by Laura Norden of The Shutter Monkeys.