Senior Elite Sessions – How to Prepare for Senior Photos


It’s a right of passage that most of us have experienced, high school senior photos.  We vividly remember having our senior photos taken and it is not a pleasant memory.  They were cookie-cutter, dated and didn’t exactly show our uniqueness.  However, times have changed and that is why we here at The Shutter Monkeys go above and beyond to ensure that your high school senior has an enjoyable experience and photos they are proud to show off to friends and family.Senior Ad


We offer a few tips to make your Senior Elite session go as smoothly as possible.
Not all, if any must be followed, but they may help your senior better prepare for their photos.

TIP #1.)  Be yourself.

We cannot stress this tip enough.  We know each person is an individual and strive to show that in their photos.  While it is a good idea for seniors to get ideas from others online, it is easy to get carried away and want to emulate photos you have found, but by doing this, we begin to lose their character in the photos.  Everyone has the ability to take great photos and the best way to ensure you are happy with the final result it to be yourself.

TIP #2.)  Tell us your interests.  

When we know what activities you are involved in or what interests you may have, often times we can incorporate these interests into the session to really show the world where your passion lies.  Are you a football player?  We can do some of the photos on the field.  Take ballet classes?  Maybe bring your point shoes downtown for a cool urban feel.  Love animals?  The zoo is not too far away!  We always try to bring the passions and interests of your seniors into the photos so don’t be shy about what you like!

TIP #3.)  Wardrobe.  

What you wear during your photo session will greatly affect how comfortable you are in front of the camera.  Wear clothes that make you feel good and confident.  Everyone has a favorite outfit that they just can’t get enough of wearing, so bring it with you to the session.  If you feel good, it will show in the photos.  When deciding what to wear, keep in mind colors and trends, but most importantly, be yourself (tip #1).

TIP#4.)  Props and Accessories.  

Props and accessories can really add to a photo if used correctly.  It gives the senior being photographed something to work with to create different looking photos.  Many props can be borrowed from your interests.


Gabby is a big fan of reading and writing, so what better prop to incorporate into her session than this beautiful ornate book?!   Without the book, it would have simply been a photo of her sitting in a chair, but by posing the way she did, it immediately gives the photo character and showcases her fun personality.  For those who are inclined, fashion accessories can play also play a large role in a senior photo session.  Maybe a hat or jewelry is something to consider.  We are big fans of fashionable sunhats as they can create interesting shadows and be used in a variety of ways.


TIP #5.)  Audience.

This is a big one.  Some people are not always comfortable in front of the camera.  While we do our best to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and fun, having multiple people watching as a senior gets their photo taken can often times make them feel uncomfortable and stressed.  Is it better for just one parent to walk around with us?  Maybe the senior would prefer both parents present.  Sometimes it might be easier to have a friend instead of parents with them.  Talk about it with your senior and try to plan accordingly as this will ensure they feel most comfortable getting these photos taken at such an exciting and stressful time in their lives.


We take our job seriously but we don’t take ourselves seriously.  We like to have fun with our clients.  We love to laugh. Just enjoy the process and be confident in yourself.  No one can be you better than yourself and be proud of that.  Laugh a little.  Joke a little.  And let’s design a Senior Elite Session that is perfect just for you!

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