Toledo Locations for Wedding Photography

When it comes to your wedding group photos, nothing is more important than the location.

Toledo Ohio has a lot of variety for photography locations.  Some are well known, while others simply go by a nick-name and few ever find, but this article will show you examples and tell you how to best choose a location for your wedding day.


Toledo is known for its beautiful metroparks.  Scattered all over the city, they offer gorgeous forests, tall grass prairies, creeks, bridges and even some beaches.  They can be a one stop shop for wedding clients since each location has so much to offer.  Here are some of our favorites.

Wildwood Metropark.

Wildwood Metropark on Central Ave in Toledo Ohio has a great variety of scenery for wedding photography.  The Manor House, a historic building in the heart of the park offers brick and columns with a rose garden to the side, while a short walk away lies a tall grass prairie surrounded by forests.  This park can be used if you are looking for a lot of different looks to your group photos and have a little amount of time to do them in.  Also within the park is wooden covered bridge that can make for some great shots.

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Pro:  Great variety

Con:  Used by many photographers in the Toledo area.

Two brides sharing a first kiss at Wildwood Mwtropark photography location.

Maumee Bay State Park.

On the other end of the Toledo area is Maumee Bay State park in Oregon Ohio.  This location is great for wedding photos because not only does it have beaches, but also has prairies and unique pathways surrounded by tall trees creating a cathedral over the walkway.  This park is especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves change colors which can add an extra pop to your photos.

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Pros:  Beaches, lots of variety in one place

Cons:  Can be a little out of the way if crunched on time

A bride and groom stand holding hands in a cathedral of trees at Maumee Bay State Park photography location in Oregon Ohio.

Side Cut Metropark.

Side Cut Metropark is located along the Maumee River just outside of downtown Maumee Ohio.  This park is smaller in stature but has some big things to offer.  After making your way across a bridge that overlooks two quiet fishing ponds, you will soon discover the locks system used for boats years and years ago.  These tall stone structures add a different texture to your photos that is hard to find anywhere else and can easily set your photos apart.  This park also has a few small stone bridges that give any photo a fairy tale look.  If you choose this park, be sure to bring comfortable shoes to slip on for walking as some of it is not easy to do in heels due to elevation changes, but that hasn’t stopped our couples before!

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Pro:  Textured backgrounds with historical bridges and locks give a unique look to photos.

Con:  Terrain not easily accomplished in heels, bring a pair of flats or sandals for walking.

Bride and groom on bridge at Side Cut Metropark photography location in Maumee Ohio.

Toledo Botanical Garden.

The Toledo Botanical Garden is located in Toledo Near Wildwood Metropark and makes for a great stand-alone or second location for wedding photos if you are going to Wildwood as well.  This park had beautiful gardens everywhere you turn complete with a boulevard of trees, waterways and sculptures throughout.  There is parking located off of Elmer Drive as well as Bancroft and is easily accessed, although once parked there is quite a bit of walking involved to reach desired locations.  This park is exceptionally beautiful in the spring and early summer times when most flowers are in bloom.  This beautiful place will sometimes have events scheduled so be sure to call far in advance to make sure you will be able to gain access on your wedding day.

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Pro:  Beautiful colors, flowers and gardens.

Con:  Lots of walking, less variety in scenery, not much shade.

Bride hugging groom from behind at Toledo Botanical Gardens photography location in Toledo Ohio.

Oak Openings. “The Spot”

Oak Openings is located in Whitehouse Ohio and although it may be out of the way for many people given the amount of time they have, we highly recommend considering it for wedding photos if your schedule allows.  Oak Openings is known for its diverse ecosystems, from sandy dunes to dense oak forests.  Within this massive park lies a place known to most people only as “The Spot” and it is well worth exploring.  “The Spot” is an area of pine forest with almost completely bare ground and trees spaced widely with a dense canopy overhead, giving a very unique and spacious feel to the photos.  And we have yet to take a wedding party there!  We have had the pleasure of doing engagement photos at “The Spot” and although we have had wedding parties at Oak Openings, we have yet to get them to this specific place within the park.  Will you be the first?

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Pro:  Beautiful areas, diverse backgrounds including “The Spot”

Con:  Far drive for most people, requires more time allotted for group photos.

Engaged couple walking holding hands at Oak Openings Metropark photography location in whitehouse ohio

Downtown Toledo Ohio.

Downtown Toledo can be great for wedding photos and will give you a different look entirely from a natural setting.  With tall buildings, long alleys and an urban feel found nowhere else in this area, this location might be perfect for you.  Graffiti can add pops of color to the backgrounds and urban decay can give almost a surreal tone to your photos.  We have many places that we like to use in the downtown area, but a strong consideration has to be given to any events that may be happening in downtown on your wedding day as it can quickly clog up roads with cars and sidewalks with people.  Ask us about our suggestions for using downtown spaces for your wedding photos at your consult to hear more!

Pro:  Urban feel, different textures, great for city lovers

Con:  Can be crowded from nearby events

A bride and groom embrace for this wedding photo in downtown Toledo photography location

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